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The young person’s guide to numeracy and literacy

Reading and writing are basic learnings in a young person’s life. Reading is a process whereby the words generally convey the information of a third party. However, writing is of a far more personal nature, composed in the words of the writer. That is, the process of writing involves the feelings of self worth and personal accomplishment of the writer.

Reducing writing to the use of two hieroglyphs (marks) creates a gentle emotional environment for the writer. Grasping the concept of the use of the hieroglyphs  in writing is a mentally benign introduction to the eventual skill of running writing.

These two hieroglyphs create the pathway to full-blown literacy and numeracy through writing.


The hieroglyphs can be used in any juxtaposition to form letters and numerals.

Educating the brain

The uniqueness of the homo sapiens is epitomised by the way of the human brain with its ability to perform a multiplicity of tasks from simple to complex. Educating the brain, therefore, faces a challenge beyond the ordinary befitting profound outcomes evolving from brain driven processes. Swift and persuasive, the messages from the brain travel through the nervous system at the breathtaking speed of 100m/second. Continue reading