New Directions for Wind Players is written for players and teachers who are curious to learn more about the skills needed to master their instrument. The book unravels difficulties associated with:

  • technique
  • sound production
  • articulation, and
  • practice methods.

First published in 1994, the book contains the outworkings of a teaching philosophy that focuses on thinking and learning, logic and investigation. Problems of sound production, articulation and technique, well known to the practising woodwind and brass player, are dissected at their origin in Parts One and Two. Parts Three, Four, and Five address learning techniques, and the Appendix analyses illustrate and discuss sound quality and sound production techniques.

Part One

Chapter 1   Wind Artistry and Wind Skills

Chapter 2   Effective and Ineffective Muscle Balance

Chapter 3   The Diaphragm and Abdominal Muscles

Chapter 4   The Chest Muscles

Chapter 5   The Throat Muscles

Chapter 6   The Tongue Muscle

Chapter 7   The Lip Muscles – Embouchure

Part Two

Chapter 8   Introduction to Playing the Pipes

Chapter 9   The Origin of Sound

Chapter 10  Acoustics

Chapter 11 The Pipe’s Resistance

Part Three

Chapter 12   Mental Pictures

Chapter 13  Practice Methods

Chapter 14  Interpretation

Part Four (Selected writings)

Energy and Motion

Sound Production


Part Five

The Learning Process



Computer analyses of sound and commentaries


Book, paperback, 73 pages, A4, ISBN 0 46 20965 5